Victos XIV
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A sorcerer and necromancer, jester and councillor to the King of Valdynia. A strange and enigmatic character who had the ability to levitate and disappear at will. Purported to have eleven wives and seventy three children, a number of whom disappeared under unusual circumstances. He lived a long and varied life and was eventually exiled to a small island in the distant kingdom of Beeka, for corrupting the mind of the king's youngest son, Archibald.

He met his demise when the tribal chieftain of the nearby island of Magoobo challenged him to a contest of magical dexterity. Unfortunately, he had met his match and was unceremoniously shrunk to the size of a small monkey. He never recovered from the indignity and on the event of his death, caused by the accidental inhalation of a pomegranate pip, was transported back to the kingdom whence he came.

To add insult to injury, his tiny and now rigid frame was placed in a wood and glass cabinet along with some of his posessions and became a prize exhibit and artefact in the new King Archibald's Wonder Room. Many, many years later, on the death of King Archibald, the cabinet was handed back to a descendant of his first wife Briscilla Wissam and passed down the generations until he came into the artist's possession.

The figure has an unnerving prescence and on occasion the magnifying lens  has been known to be found in a different place within the cabinet. It is said that if viewed through a convex mirror, on the eve of the equinox, the figure has been seen to grimace. Unwilling to retain the cabinet and it's contents, but afraid to destroy it, the artist is willing to pass the ownership to another guardian.

Any person who feels able and willing to provide a resting place for this creature, should make known their intention via the website and in order to prove their worthiness to accept responsibility, must also be willing to offer remuneration, the sum of which will be agreed upon between both parties.