Altered Books
 "When a book is opened for the first time, it is like entering another world, there is a crossover and a meeting of minds, in the same way a piece of artwork is the dialogue between the artist and the viewer.  A book is a Cabinet Of Curiosities, a receptacle for the author's collection of thoughts intended to be read and absorbed by the reader."

Books are valued way beyond their monetary worth. They are collected and housed in specifically designed constructions in order to protect and organise them. They are read and can be handed on as a way of communicating an emotional response to the subject matter. They are a repository for endless information. Even in the current age of new technology, they would seem to be as popular as they ever were. Even though information from them is now being transferred to computer data, they are stored safely deep underground in disused salt mines for future posterity.
Books can be seen to order the world populations, for hundreds of years, various cultures and societies have lived their lives according to the text of a range of religions and beliefs all documented in text.
Books are very rarely thrown away. They are revered, stacked and stored, collecting dust.

The notion of altering or transforming a book can be seen as a way of breathing new life into it, engaging with it and placing it into a new context.