Past exhibitions and events

The Wondrous Collection of Encapsulated Time

Salford Museum and Art Gallery

14 July until 4 November 2012



The Art House

Annual members Exhibition

26 JUly until 20 September 2012

Drury Lane

Wakefield QF1 2TE



The Imaginarium of the Bizarre and the Mysterious

The Vitreum

Merchant Taylors Girls School








Mini Print Exhibition







Six inch Square

South Square Gallery


2011 -2012





 The Wondrous Collection of Encapsulated Time

Prescot Museum



 L34 3LA

 3 May - 31 July 2011






Summer Prints 2011


The Caulder Gallery

Hebden Bridge






A Natural Selection

Prints and paintings inspired by Natural History, wildlife and habitat


The Brownhill Countryside Centre


28 July - 29 August  2011






Sue Platt's Gallery of Hares

A series of framed collagraphs of Hares in their many guises

 9th February until 3rd April 2011


Haworth Art Gallery

Manchester Rd, Accrington BB5 2JS








The Incredible World of Small Things

 From the mundane to the precious this collection of encased artefacts and found objects suggests relationships, dialogues and collective stories.

A truly fascinating exhibition of cabinets and cases


The Art House

Drury Lane, Wakefield WF1 2TE

23 November 2010 to 14 January 2011 



Calder Gallery

Summer 2010 Print Exhibition


 Hebden Bridge


Series of Hare Prints

Framed Collagraphs of hares in their many guises



  Stockport Artlink 2010

Stockport Art Gallery

30 framed prints

Collagraphs, monoprints, Chine Colle



National Print Exhibition 2010

Ropewalk Gallery

 Barton on Humber





Sugar Store Gallery

Brewery Arts Centre





  28 November - 26 January 2010

  Prints and wall based sculpture.  The dichotomy between fine print and sculpture using found objects are key to this exhibition. This work is a response to my personal collection of unusual artefacts and artworks which is the 3 dimensional aspect to my work. It questions my desire, (and others) to collect and accumulate disparate objects and artefacts.The prints are a way of documentation, they are a more personal and spontaneous response than just writing things down and making lists.




 Fish and Bones






Mini Print Exhibition 2009/10





 4 December - 28 January 2010



Hidden Hare





 In Pursuit Of the Strange

Mid Pennine Gallery


3 October - 28 November 2009


A series of prints selected by the curator



Cinnamon & Script



Theatre of the Unique

Enter the dimly lit space of the gallery and peer into the dark wood and glass cabinets, encounter curiosities and oddities, old and new, be intrigued by the unusual mix of artefacts and artworks. Discover the calcified snail with the head of a human, the armadillo basket, the shrunken head, the smoking baby and the richly decorated mace. Absorb the atmosphere of the museum like space (currently part of a muuch larger museum), experience the merging of Art, Science and Alchemy!




 11 July to 20 September 2009

Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Terrace Rd, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6DA

Tel. 01298 24658, email


 Closed Mondays



This installation explores my obsession with collecting curious objects. they are placed in odd little cabinets and cases which further enhance their "curiousness", positioned behind glass, they are transformed into precious artefacts yet still cling to their inherent history.



The Miraculous Emporium of Amazing Altered Books

An installation curated by Sue Platt for Woodend Artists


Sue Platt built a huge bookcase from recycled materials and she and a number of Woodend artists created over 60 altered books to exhibit on and around it. From flying books to a bureau and chair, to a ballerina, beautifully stitched textile books, origami, interactive telephone book, graffiti, books transformed into 3D landscapes, scrolls, a garden shed, a whole range of techniques and subjects used, some in a flamboyant, decorative approach, whilst others quite understated and subtle, yet thought provoking.

Central Art Gallery, Ashton-u-Lyne OL6 7SG

May - August 2009





Woodend Artists Showcase

 Sue Platt and other Woodend Artists are exhibiting at the 

Angel Urban Gallery

Angel Centre



until 13-07-09





A Personal Response




Fine Print, Paintings and other things

Sue Platt

3 -30 April 2009

Aubergine and Bronze

Acrylic on canvas

Situated on the main corridor,floor B

Leeds General Infirmary (Old Site)

Top of the Great George St Staircase, Leeds LS1 3EX

8am - 8pm daily (FREE)

Tonic is the Arts and Environment programme for the Leeds teaching hospitals NHS Trust.

(We use the Arts to improve hospital environments for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors.)

Registered Charity no. 1075308





Sue  opened her studio again for

Art March


Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th March 2009



The annual event at Woodend Studios when many of the resident artists allow the public into their work spaces to see "How it's done!"

Some of the artists will be demonstrating various techniques which they use to create their work.

Sue will be doing two 15 minute demonstrations each day of Printmaking techniques.






The Bizarre and the Mysterious

 To celebrate the opening of Sue's new studio, and to coincide with Woodend Artists 'Gifted' Winter Art Bazaar

An Installation of

Artworks and Artefacts


The new studio was transformed into a grotto of bizarre and mysterious artefacts and artworks

Marvel at the preserved mermaid,

Be amazed by the human shrunken head,

Discover the 40 year old jelly baby,

Be transfixed by the sinister shrunken man in the cabinet,

Wonder at the fossilised mutant part man part snail and much more.

Not to mention the Artwork!!!!

 See new studio web page




  The Miraculous Emporium of Amazing Altered Books


The Emporium was a great success. 18 Woodend Artists took part with a fantastic range of work. From flying books to ballerinas, to graffiti art. They certainly lived up to the name. For those who didn't get to experience it or would like to see is again, the Emporium will be moving on to Ashton under Lyne Central Art Gallery in May 2009 for 3 months. Well worth a visit. 


 photo by  Gabi Coburn